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Intrigue has diversified our organizations profits by tenfold while demonstrating a high level of service and support ...
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Custom System Development

Intrigue has custom developed hundreds of both large and small web projects. The following is a small list of some of our web projects that required a level of custom system/application development.

Explore Dentists

ExploreDentists - Screenshot - Homepage

Explore Dentists approached Intrigue to accomplish five things; website design, custom directory development, content management system, harvest directory data, and provide SEO and marketing services.

Bubaloo Baby

Bubaloo - Screenshot - Homepage

Requiring custom development for an e-commerce solution, Intrigue was able to successfully provide Bubaloo Baby with the one of the most cost efficient solutions available. 

DFXTrade Financial

DFXTrade - Screenshot - Homepage

DFXTrade Financial approached Intrigue with a variety of questions and requests.  Intrigue was happy to consult with DFXTrade and make them realize their online potential and be aware of the pitfalls, costs and competition in the market. 

ALS Society of Canada - Screenshot - Homepage

ALS Society of Canada is a valued client for many years.  Intrigue has given ALS Society of Canada their experience and dedication throughout the years helping them grow their online presence. 

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

CATIE - Screenshot - Homepage

Requiring a custom CMS and additional custom widgits, Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) consulted with Intrigue to find a cost efficient solution to be developed in ASP.NET.

Home Loans Canada (CIBC)

HLC - Screenshot - Homepage

Home Loans Canada (HLC) required some extensive custom programming for internal systems.  These internal systems would be used by mortgage brokers on a daily basis in regards to tracking points, and earning rewards based on those points.  It doubled as a resource for brokers to purchase miscelaneous goods relating to the mortgage broker practice.

ALS Forums

ALSForums - Screenshot - Homepage

Converting a site from a state where traffic is trickling in from very few sources to a site that now receives thousands of unique visitors a day, and helps tens of thousands individuals and families a year is purely something take take pride in.  

Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario

RPNAO - Screenshot - Homepage

RPNAO approached Intrigue with a variety of needs including a redesigned website focused on membership retention, the need to educate RPN's in Ontario with a concentrated focus on membership registration and renewals.

Intrigue responded with a revamped site, easy to manage news system & events calendar, and the implementation of a custom membership renewal and management system.

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