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Our Work


Intrigue has been priviledged to work with a myriad of acceptional companies from around the world.  Our teams have developed a wide range of web applications from major financial websites, large fundraising communities to small brochure sites. 

Throughout the portfolio, Intrigue has selected a few of our recent projects and wrote a short synapsis on the project.  The portfolio if often changed as projects get moved around, added, or removed. 

Recent Web site Launches

ALS.ca - Screenshot - Homepage

ALS Society of Canada is a valued client for many years.  Intrigue has given ALS Society of Canada their experience and dedication throughout the years helping them grow their online presence. 

RGRC - Screenshot - Homepage

Intrigue has worked with RGRC to develop various applications both available to the online public and for internal use.  RGRC is a valued client who has proven to be enjoyable to work with and provides projects that are interesting and rewarding.

ALSForums - Screenshot - Homepage

Converting a site from a state where traffic is trickling in from very few sources to a site that now receives thousands of unique visitors a day, and helps tens of thousands individuals and families a year is purely something take take pride in.  

Dystonia - Screenshot - Homepage

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NADbank - Screenshot - Homepage

NADBank had been introduced/referred to Intrigue through one of our valued clients (all of our clients are valued).  Requiring a similar resolve to their website needs, our team creatively restructured their site and implemented Drupal as the foundation content management system.  Our Drupal developers were able to quickly deliver a website to NADbank that they could quickly manage an

CATIE - Screenshot - Homepage

Requiring a custom CMS and additional custom widgits, Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) consulted with Intrigue to find a cost efficient solution to be developed in ASP.NET.

AHS - Screenshot - Homepage

Associated Hebrew Schools approached Intrigue with a fairly straight forward request.  Complete redesign, search engine optimization, and a complete content management solution. 

HLC - Screenshot - Homepage

Home Loans Canada (HLC) required some extensive custom programming for internal systems.  These internal systems would be used by mortgage brokers on a daily basis in regards to tracking points, and earning rewards based on those points.  It doubled as a resource for brokers to purchase miscelaneous goods relating to the mortgage broker practice.

RedDoor New - Screenshot - Homepage

Utilizing our robust donation software, we enabled RedDoor Family Shelter to accept online donations in a customized fashion.  RedDoor put in the original request to develop an addin 'Gift Giving' option to that very software.  The 'Gift Giving' system has become a very popular attribute to their website and a source of many new donations.

POGO - Screenshot - Homepage

Cancer is a disease that hits us close to home.  Almost everyone knows of someone who has had or has been affected by someone with cancer.  It is important to support organizations like POGO to help researchers and those children diagnosed obtain their goals.