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Internet Marketing and SEO

Did You Know?

If your web site is listed on the 2nd page of search engine results (for a given keyword) that your web site has only a 0.5% higher chance of being clicked than a web site listed on successive results pages!
If you're listed #1 your web site will receive 65% of search engine visitors!

In other words, if you're not listed at the top of the results you're failing to reach your market.


We understand that it takes more than a great web site to meet your objectives; it also takes an audience. Whether your web site is a supplement to your existing marketing efforts or a stand alone service, we can help get people right where you want them; on your site!

  • Keyword placement and utilization in the content of your site
  • Diversified inbound link development
  • Fully indexible website for search engine robots
  • Effective social media marketing
  • Build PR (public relations) across the web
  • Proper management of paid advertising
  • Email & affiliate marketing solutions

How Intrigue Can Help

Our Internet marketing stratgies are guaranteed to deliver results.  We present different strategies to meet your marketing needs that can used to meet your budgetary concerns.  We give full reports of changes in strategies and your websites statistical information in both visual and report formats.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Intrigue understands the algorithms used by the leading search engine robots.  Intrigue can optimize your website page-by-page by managing META tags, ALT-attributes, Titles and URL's.  Our content writers can revise your copy in a manner that search engines love while reading naturally to the human eye.

Link Development

This is a no brainer for a seasoned SEO-optimizer.  Your page ranking has a direct effect on the sites that link to your site.  Intrigue has a vast experience in building relationships with other sites.  We know not only where to look for links, but who to contact.  Our SEO team will find the relevant and quality sources for you that will make your rankings grow rapidly.  Intrigue is well positioned to keep your inbound links well diversified, fresh, and prevailant.

PR Building

You want to build buzz around your organization while giving credibility.  Intrigue will manage your brand around the web by running blogging and website campaigns.  We will take and monitor responses to the buzz while create a strong, positive brand for your organization. 

Paid Advertising

An obvious way to obtain search engine results is to pay to be listed.  This does not indicate that your ad will appear on the top of the search every time.  Intrigue has strategies to properly manage paid marketing campaigns to be visible to the right target of users and to not appear to irrelevant searches which result in unwanted costs.

Years of experience has allowed us to work with sites in the most competitive search engine markets; we know how to get you out of the trenches and on to the podium.

Reduced Rates

Intrigue offers reduced rates for environmental friendly organizations and non-profits.

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