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Professional Graphic & Print Design


Intrigues graphic artists like to keep in close touch, giving you input to ensure delivery of exactly what you want.  Our designers have the talent to present your organization with the 'awe' factor.  Our teams know that nothing is more important than the presentation of an organizations image.

Print Design

Experience in creating materials for conferences, meetings, trade shows and corporate documents/brochures, Intrigues talented designers will create print material with a positive image for your organization.  We will help make cost-efficient decisions on ink and papers to meet your budgetary needs.  If you have your own print supplier we can happily work in tandem to ensure you get the materials that you expect.

Illustration and Logo Design

Every organization has a unique vision of how their organization should be presented.  Intrigue is there to help take that unique vision and make it into a visually pleasing reality that is ready to be used across every document, every advertisement and every card that your organization presents. 

Website and Interface Design

Only with experience do you truely know what visual elements can retain a user to a website.  Our graphic design teams know these elements and are experienced in utilization of focal points and delivering messages to web users through layout design.  Our designs are created with Web 2.0 in mind and designed with specific attention to detail only Intrigue can offer.

Flash & Media Rich Design

Flash development has become a popular medium for visual presentations as high speed internet became more and more popular.  Flash enables the presentation of photos, audio and video.  Intrigues talented flash developers can utilize flash action script to do amazing things both visually and functional. 

Whatever your needs, our graphic design team will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your vision becomes a profitable reality.

Reduced Rates

Intrigue offers reduced rates for environmental friendly organizations and non-profits.

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