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Database Development


Databases are found at the core of all organizations. Databases are used to maintain the integrity of an organization, whether it is maintaining employees, controlling stock and sales, or even to organize an organizations website.  It is extremely important to have a great database design that flows and is easily maintainable.

How Intrigue Can Help

Our experienced team has worked with hundreds clients since 1998, by putting our professional minds together to help design and develop databases that are more efficient and far more adequate for growth within their organizations. Experienced in building databases big and small, for businesses, government and corporate organizations, Intrigue’s database development team can strategize and deliver a database schema for your organization that is guaranteed to be efficient, clean, and documented.

Some Database Options

Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL are the three major Relationship Database Management Systems (RDBMS) that represent the industry while utilize the Structured Query Language (SQL) that has proven it to be the most extensive language for adding, accessing, and processing large volumes of data.

MySQL Development

MySQL is open source software, created by a few primary developers but also have an entire community contributing to the development and growth of this exceptional free software. It has been recently purchased by Oracle, but is still freely licensed. Compatible with most Web servers, MySQL is a flexible, reliable and fast database platform.

MS SQL Development

Microsoft SQL Server is an alternative to MySQL. They both used SQL markup and are both very fast. MS SQL is limited to its windows platform but is sometimes a preferred database platform for those companies whose databases are on local Windows networks. There are licensing fees and the requirement of MS-friendly hosting to use this platform for online use.

Reduced Rates

Intrigue offers reduced rates for environmental friendly organizations and non-profits.

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